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The ReSet Self-Love Maker

Gain confidence in your ability to build your husband into the King he is called to be.  All the while becoming a conduit to help change his destiny through your newfound ways and unconditional love.

The ReSet Self-Love Maker

Influence your mind in a positive way, building confidence as it drives the decisions you make about saving, spending, and handling money.

The ReSet Self-Love Maker

Keep building confidence while changing the way you perceive your significant other and your relationship.

The ReSet Self-Love Maker

Build your self-confidence into wifehood and to consciously live in the moment building a safe place through God. Remove outrageous expectations of marriage in order to gain an entirely different and positive perspective!

The ReSet Self-Love Maker

Keep building your self-love and confidence higher, so that ultimately you will love yourself naturally for who you are and will help your mind and body work in perfect harmony continuously.

Listening Instructions for ReSet Audio Downloads 

1. Listen as you are falling asleep

2. Headphones are highly recommended

3. Listen daily for 42 days

4. Continue listening for maintenance even after positive changes have begun to experience a mind shift like never before