The MindSet Mentorship Program

The MindSet Mentorship Program

You said enough is enough!!!  I will no longer rob myself of the greatness I was created to share with the world nor deprive myself of the promises hovering over my life. I am tired of being frustrated and scared of my own success.

Why You Want to Take Part in this Program.

I am ready for change. I am ready for the shift. If this sounds like you then join me over the next six weeks for the Reset Your Mindset Group Mentoring Program as we: 

  • Get to know each other better during orientation
  • Answer some of your most burning questions in the live group questions & answer sessions
  • Discover what is truly preventing you from success in the mindset training
  • Provide laser-focused and rapid-fire coaching to help catapult you to your next level in the live group hot seat
  • Gain a sneak peek into a day in the life of Somalia, as you learn how to implement the tools and strategies necessary for lasting change
  • Learn how to quantum leap your destiny


You will also receive two reset audios – Mrs. Makers and an option of your choice. If you know this is for you then act quickly as seating is limited to 8 seats per group!

Program Agenda

  • Week 1 – Orientation
  • Week 2 – Facing Fear
  • Week 3 – Cultivating Confidence
  • Week 4 – Nurturing the Now
  • Week 5 – Developing the Discipline & Diligence
  • Week 6 – Quantum Leap

By applying these tools and tips not only will you learn how to BECOME the woman who can scale to six figures, but also how to KEEP your six figures by changing your mindset.

There is no refund, exchange, or rollover. You may gift your spot to another person only.