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Expanded Version

Expanded Version

Greetings World ChangHer.

To be the most Powerful HER in the room, step into the more expanded version of yourself in order to come into alignment with Kingdom legacy.

You’re not the same, leap and dismantle the thoughts of error.

You’re a powerhouse and kept bound.

Stretch your tent pegs and MOVE!


He planned it.

Let go, lean in, and accept this position.

You’re right where you need to be!

I am a mover…I am a verb and so are you.

Keep shifting with me.

Consistently Disrupting You,


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by Somalia Brown

Written by Somalia Brown

Somalia Brown is a wife, mother, author, motivational speaker, and most importantly a World ChangHer. She is ‘The Disruptor’. Somalia disrupts everything and anything concerning you.

Her mandate – to train others to become World ChangHers & DisruptHers and prevent deaths in relationships, both earthly and spiritual, by empowering those to dismantle the “old ways of doing things,” in life and within their relationship with God.

She morphs your spiritual walk from stagnated to accelerated, unlocks your authoritative voice, and increases your spiritual sensitivity, as you assume your rightful position of power.

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