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The Disruptor & World Changer – Abebi Enterprise

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in personal development but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Somalia Brown, of Abebi Enterprise LLC., located in Marietta, GA, USA.

ImperfectlyPerfect Book Campaign

Meet The Co-Authors of Paying It Forward Somalia Brown

From the creator and owner of imperfectly Campaign — Such an incredible chat with Somalia Brown about her stepping forward as a co-author in Volume 4 of the Pay It Forward, Notes To My Younger Self & Imperfectly Perfect Campaign collaborative book in which you can grab a copy right now of the book pre-release by heading to amazon

Shoutout LA

Meet Somalia Brown | The Disruptor

Somalia has been featured in Shoutout LA.  Click the button below to read her interview!

ImperfectlyPerfect Podcast

‘Rise Up and Dismantle’ with Somalia Brown

As a former LSU Track and Field and Soccer athlete, in this episode we go deep and discover how Somalia’s own disciplines and determination throughout her journey have not only propelled her to incredible heights but have enabled her to push countless people internationally toward achieving their own incredible heights be that in their families, ministries or careers.

Healing, Love & Relationship Podcast Interview

In this interview, I teach my Mrs. & Ms. proven tips and tricks on how to preserve your heart and love for your spouse amid the chaos!

For my, Ms., you will learn vital strategies on how to prepare properly for your spouse!

Business Innovators Radio Network

Somalia Brown: Spiritual PushHer Helps Women Unlock Their Greatness

Somalia trains women to become World ChangHers and DisruptHers, by empowering them to dismantle the “old ways of doing things,” in life and their relationship with God. She is known for morphing your spiritual walk from stagnated to accelerated. Together you will manifest your authoritative voice, increase your spiritual sensitivity, and assume your rightful position of power, all the while elevating and pushing you to greatness in your home, marriage, relationships and business.

In this episode, you will learn:

– Who She Changes the Game For?

– What she’s doing on Clubhouse?

– Why she’s known as a Spiritual PushHer?

– How to identify if you are a World ChangeHer?

Somalia is fulfilling her personal social responsibility by supporting a new initiative called “Be Part of the Solution.” She is “giving back” by making it possible for books to be given to high school athletes, that will show them how to use their platform, power and leadership to affect change.

Shoutout Atlanta

Inspiring Conversations with Somalia Brown of Abebi Enterprises

Check out Somalia’s interview with Shoutout Atlanta!  Just click the link below to read the article.