Why would you want to use these?

There are areas in your life that are blocking you from achieving greatness. If you were able to improve these it would be life-changing for you.

Not only can Somalia Brown’s ReSet your Mindset audios help you to achieve these transformations, but she can do it by simply going to sleep.

Through research and the power of the Holy Ghost breathing inspired words crafted just for you, or if you choose the prerecorded audios we now know how it works and that it works!

By listening to the ReSet audios at night, it will jump-start reprogramming your autopilot responses in life in particular areas. These new thoughts then recreate stronger neuropathways in your brain for the change and positive outcome you so desire. Meanwhile, they are working on eradicating the neuropathways associated with the limiting beliefs and behaviors you want gone.

Finally, your ReSet Mindset along with the behavior and thought process has become wired into your brain, while you sleep and becomes your new habits.

Please put your mind at rest – every ReSet Audio is crafted by experienced ReSet Specialist Somalia Brown  and the Holy Ghost so that means these products are specially curated to maximize your results from your nights’ rest

While listening to the ReSet Audios and you are getting the very best self mindset ReSet mindset shift Maker Series audio available.

You will receive your order in approximately 4 days.  Keep an eye on your inbox after you place your order!

I am so confident that you’ll love this ReSet mindset shift Maker Series audio authored by Somalia brown, although there are some really great audios out there, nothing can compare to a custom approach to creating your very own audio that is handcrafted to your need and reflects your unique goal.

Disclaimer: Please remember that everyone is different and in different seasons in their life, therefore results do vary from person to person

My audios are created from scratch using the information you provide. 

Listening Instructions for ReSet Audio Downloads 

1. Listen as you are falling asleep
2. Headphones are highly recommended (wireless bluetooth not recommended)
3. Listen daily for 63 days consecutively
4. Have a set bedtime — preferably before 10:45 pm (Good sleep habits)
5. If you listen during the day (awake time) repeat the words that hit your spirit or make you feel uncomfortable
6. Continue listening for maintenance even after positive changes have begun to experience a mind shift like never before.